KN95 Masks
KN95 Masks
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KN95 Masks

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KN95 Respirator Face Mask

The KN95 respirator mask is the gold standard for protection against airborne germs, viruses and other nasties which don’t belong in your mouth and lungs. Unlike standard masks, face coverings and homemade masks, the KN95 respirator filters out at least 95% of these foreign particles, making it very effective in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria by protecting the wearer and those around them.

Wear for a high level of protection: During essential bus, tube and train travel, in busy public spaces, airports, large gatherings, crowded shops and supermarkets.


Why does the KN95 provide more protection than standard 3 ply masks?

1) Tighter Fit

The KN95 mask provides a tight seal around the mouth and nose which prevents leakage of contaminated air from the top and sides when you breathe in and out.

2) Additional Filter Layers

The mask is composed of 4 layers of protection from particles of varying sizes - the smallest being that of 0.3 microns. 

These infectious microbial particles are filtered out by the melt-blown filter layer - an important piece of the mask which counterfeit masks cannot replicate due to the complexity and expense of creating the material. This is why it is so important to have a CE certified mask. 

3) Longer Wear Time

Unlike single use 3 ply masks, the KN95 is classified as a ‘limited reuse’ mask - this means it can be reused by the same person as long as it remains functional.

Some signs that the mask is no longer functional include the ear straps loosening, the mask becoming damp from exhalation and the mask being regularly touched and handled with unwashed hands. After this it should be disposed of and replaced.

The KN95 Respirator ships in one size for most adult men and women.   

How do I wear my KN95 mask correctly?

  1. Wash and dry your hands before you pick up the mask or remove it from it’s packaging.
  2. When handling the mask, touch only the outside surface to prevent the inside surface from becoming contaminated.
  3. Position the plastic strip at the top of your nose, pull the straps around your ears and pull the mask down over your nose and mouth. Pinch the mask at the bridge of your nose for a snug and secure fit. Loose fitting masks are less effective.
  4. Before you remove the mask, wash your hands once more. Now you can pull the ear straps around your ears and dispose of the mask without touching the mask material.